Thursday, July 15, 2010

Harvard Tory "wise man": We don't need no stinkin' industry!

Harvard professor and prolific author Niall Ferguson opened the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival Monday with a stark warning about the increasing prospect of the American “empire” suddenly collapsing due to the country’s rising debt level.
In what he called his “light moment,” Ferguson said, “I think there is a way out for the United States. I don’t think its over. But it all hinges on whether you can re-energize the real mainsprings of American power. And those two things are technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ferguson seems to have overlooked the fact that the center of global finance is the City of London, and that these agents of Mammon dictate what happens in the neo-feudalistic "free market" and in its variations known as fascism and Communism. (So, for example, China has become a source of cheap labor, instead of sufficiently developing itself internally.) Communism was apparently created partly as an example of all forms of "collectivism," in order to discredit anyone who advocates a return to the American System. He also seems to have overlooked the fact that "war on terror" is a British creation, not an American creation, and that it was partly intended to destroy America. (Cheney was Blair's flunky.) How could such a learned professor miss this subtle point? In fact, he didn't - the Aspen Idea Festival should be named the Aspen Festival of British Subversion.

There is no mystery about what needs to be done to solve the global economic crisis: implement Glass-Steagal, nationalize the Fed, and issue credit for effective infrastructure projects on a vast scale. Solutions to our energy and transportation woes have existed for decades, and have only gotten better since then. As indicated by this article, there is however a shortage of a truly free exchange of ideas in the mass media (which is controlled from London, and which includes the vast majority of the "alternative" media), and a shortage of patriotic leadership which will implement the American System of Political Economics created by our founding fathers, suppressed by the British Empire, and unearthed by Lyndon LaRouche and his associates. Whenever this system was implemented even in a watered-down form, it worked wonders.