Monday, July 12, 2010

Hurricane Barack's path of destruction

WASHINGTON — On the six-month anniversary of Haiti's deadly earthquake, President Barack Obama said a rapid international response saved lives but the recovery effort must continue.

Oh, yeah, that massive recovery effort that exists in the virtual reality spun from the web of Omama's daily big lies. Too bad we can't come up with an excuse to send in the drones and just start killing people outright. But I don't doubt that they spent some time trying to come up with a plausible scenario. Instead, they just settled for a gangrene economy. If a hurricane hits Haiti, it will descend into a deeper level of Hell, and Obama will say that it's headed in the right direction, but not fast enough for him.

What Islamic terror?

Meanwhile, the "war on terror" is again being exposed as a sham, now that police and fire departments are being cut back to 'balance the budget" and Obama's response is "let them eat derivatives." (The "financial reform" apparently limits our liability for these bankers' gambling debts to only about $250 T. What a relief.) Thank God the WOT is actually just a reign of terror in the "Apocalypse" zone, and that the only "Islamic" terror in the US is what the FBI puts on for show to convince us that there is such a thing.