Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is there any wonder that Fundies love Bibi (11 11) so much?

JERUSALEM — The Israeli government has rejected a request to pay the medical bills of an American student who was seriously wounded by Israeli police.

Emily Henochowicz was struck in the face by a tear gas canister during a violent demonstration May 31 and lost an eye. The 21-year-old Maryland native has returned to the U.S. and will need prolonged medical care.

Her lawyers say the Defense Ministry should pay the estimated $3,700 for her medical treatment in Israel.

Her lawyers allege the policeman fired directly at her. Police say the canister bounced and the injury was unintentional.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement Wednesday it regrets her injury but that Henochowicz, who also holds Israeli citizenship, endangered herself by participating in the demonstration.

Ms. Henochowicz should have known that the brave Israeli police might "accidentally" maim her, because after all, savagely attacking even unarmed women and children in utter disregard for all civilized norms is Israel's forté. (In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic - of course there should be a proper inquiry into the incident, those responsible held accountable, and Ms. H's medical bills paid from the billions of dollars we give to "Israel" annually.) The "right" people would never join such a protest, knowing what could happen, or if they did, they would know when to get out of the way, or the police would know not to attack them. It's called "self defense," but it's actually SRA, and a means of provoking the "Apocalypse."

It appears that the protest was infiltrated by a "black bloc" which threw stones at the police, probably to provide the police with an excuse for violently attacking the OTHER protesters (a common theme of the "war on terror" - attacking innocents in the guise of going after the guilty, partly explaining why it's taking so long). According to reports, Ms. Henochowicz wasn't standing near the stone-throwers, and there were no walls from which the tear gas shell could have bounced, which is what the government claims took place. (It would be interesting to know whether the shell could have retained such force after ricocheting off a wall.) Such pathetic "explanations" typically accompany SRA.

First, the Israeli government conducted an investigation, as promised, but it was an investigation into whether there were any video recordings of the incident. Once it concluded that there apparently are none - that it was just their word against the word of witnesses who claim that the cops fired several canisters directly at the protesters - they took the predictable course and lied.

Don't expect our government to compensate Ms. Henochowicz for this crime committed by its rabid pit bull on a long leash. From their perspective, it's HER fault for providing the Israeli government with an opportunity to savagely attack her, which it will always do to anyone if given the opportunity. Then it will provide a transparently false "explanation" to add insult to injury.