Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Israel" is one giant, tumor-like illegal settlement, not a prophecy-fulfillment

JERUSALEM — Israeli soldiers on Thursday shot dead a Palestinian man who infiltrated a Jewish settlement [all Holocaust survivors, no doubt] in the West Bank, an army spokeswoman said.
Two Palestinians, one of them "suspected of being armed," penetrated into the Barkan settlement close to the West Bank city of Nablus, the spokeswoman said.

It was earlier reported that one of the Palestinians was armed.

The very fact that Israeli soldiers protect settlements, which are by definition illegal, speaks volumes about Israel's attitudes toward the rule of law they so often invoke. (The settlements are actually havens for "Jewish" Satanists, who use the settlements as bases from which to perpetrate SRA upon the neighboring Palestinians and to provoke the "Apocalypse." I find it difficult to believe that any Jew with a conscience would live in a settlement, at least for very long.)

The worst Israeli soldiers - the sadistic thugs who routinely commit war crimes against the Palestinians and those trying to help them - are typically products of the settlements, and their IDF "service" amounts to a graduation to more intense SRA.

However, "Israel" cannot stop this tumor-like growth into Palestinian territory, while still doing its part to "fulfill prophecy." This international crime, along with Israel's siege of Gaza which has reduced it to Hell on Earth, is "overlooked" by the sanctimonious Christian Broadcasting Network and their ilk, which never miss a chance to report a Palestinian attack, which in most cases are inconsequential and ultimately intended to "justify" Israel's ongoing war of aggression against the Palestinian people.