Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Like I said: Obama's "recovery" is the recovery of feudalism

Britain is again burning down its own house for the purpose of providing an example to be imitated by its neighbors.
The Fabians ["The Fabian Society": 6-6-6] detailed Blond ["Conservative philosopher-king" Phillip Blond] to cook up an ideology for an incoming Conservative (Tory) government in their "Progressive Conservatism Project." In just the same way, it was through Demos that the Fabians had earlier concocted the synthetic belief-structure for Tony Blair's "New Labor."
Blond wrote in a widely published September 2008 article, "Medieval Thinking," "UPDATING AND RECOVERING THIS EARLIER MEDIEVAL MODEL FOR THE MODERN AGE IS OF COURSE THE TASK." [emphasis added]

So, now it's becoming clear why Obama is working for a Republican victory in November, assuming that civilization doesn't collapse into a bloody heap before then: He plans on pushing a "big society," i.e. a federal government reduced to a fascist police state which sends imperial goons, fresh from the "war on terror," around the country to impose a Satanic, fascist order: Hell on Earth. Who better to help him do that than John Boehner, whose only complaint about the "financial reform" bill is that it supposedly gives the government too much regulatory power, when in fact it doesn't do anything about the activity which led to the ongoing economic collapse. As an example of the sorts of policies which Boehner would support, see House GOP Leader John Boehner calls for cutting Social Security in order to pay for the war in Afghanistan. In other words, he's Obama without the pretenses of concern for "useless eaters," which Obama will eventually drop if someone doesn't throw a net over him and drag him out of the White House first.