Friday, July 2, 2010

Obama: You are feeling very sleepy - the economy is magically recovering

President Obama cited some good parts of today's unemployment report, noting that the private sector still managed to add jobs in June, the sixth straight month it has done so.

While the overall economy lost 125,000 jobs last month, Obama said that included the planned phase-out of some 225,000 temporary Census jobs.

"Make no mistake, we are headed in the right direction," Obama said before boarding Air Force One en route to Sen. Robert Byrd's funeral in West Virginia.

He added that, "we're not headed there fast enough for a lot of Americans -- we're not headed there fast enough for me, either."

In the physical world, as opposed to the images in our minds created by Obama's constant lies and the fantasy depicted in TV shows and advertisements, the very basis of civilization is collapsing; for example, police forces and fire departments are being essentially shut down. That's what he really means by going in the right direction - he hates the US, as proven by his actions.