Thursday, July 1, 2010

Possible Roman numeral 6 in Ripper map (revised)

(Revised ends of first and second paragraphs)

It occurred to me that if there's an "A" in the Ripper map, then there might be a VI for the all-important number 6. So, I checked, and it didn't take long to find what can be construed as one. If the V and the I are viewed as English letters and converted to their ordinal equivalents, the result is 22+9=31, which in turn converts to 4, the Hebrew number associated with blood - as touted by Crowley. (This is also true for "IV" as in intravenous.)

The question is whether these were intended. I suppose if I could abduct the designer, take him to some secret dungeon set up by the CIA, and interrogate him, then I'd know for certain, unless he just said what I wanted to hear to stop the "interrogation." Well, then, I'd just "interrogate" him about whether he's telling me what I want to know to stop the "interrogation!" And then I'd "interrogate" him some more about whether he's lying about that! And then I'd become possessed, and Dark Dick would say we're making progress in the "war on terror." And then the economy would collapse from the burden of the British-spawned "wars" (which are actually just orgies of destruction for the sake of destruction), the British financial bubbles, British Petroleum's "accidental" Gulf gusher (thanks partly to Cheney's destruction of regulations), and the lack of truly productive activity caused by British imperial "free trade" economists. Then Cheney could dance on America's grave, with a team of cardiologists standing by.