Friday, July 9, 2010

Sane Americans in the Fed?!

The two regional Federal Reserve Governors who last month urged Congress to reinstate Glass-Steagall, yesterday took to the airwaves to oppose the new round of Monopoly money printing which London is screaming must be done, now!

To me, this is really amazing, since the recommendations of these Fed governors are a threat to the British Empire's vast piles of gambling IOU's, with which they hope to purchase the entire planet while unleashing hyperinflation. Afterward, they would suddenly convert to gold bugs and insist that all money be backed by the gold which they, the "free market," control, which would have the effect of contracting credit to zilch and strangling economic development. The American System is based on the concept of organizing society, based on the best ideas (not "green" lies), to produce the basis of a strong economy, and this is what would give the Dollar its value. (Gold would be just a small part of the total real, physical wealth. But without an economy, even gold isn't worth very much, because you wouldn't be able to buy much with it, or use it to manufacture anything very useful.) The British Empire fears and hates the American System tremendously (it's what defeated them in the "Civil" War, in which the South was a British tool), and it evidently created Communism partly in order to associate the American System with it, under the rubric of "collectivism," so that any advocates of American System policies could be discredited as something tantamount to a Communist. Then of course they wanted an excuse for the Cold War, which amounted to a lack of cooperation between nations, and a diversion of their production into weaponry (although this at least led to some R&D). So, when the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon referred to Queen Elizabeth, the head of the British Empire, as an "anchor," he was right.