Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sleaze-bag Gingrich gloats over his pet war

Newt Gingrich, Several Top Senators Voice Doubts on Afghan War reports some of British agent Newtzie Gingrich's latest disgusting, hypocritical comments during his recent visit to Iowa. He, like Cheney and Bush, knew from the start that the war in Afghanistan, like the one in Iraq was supposed to end badly (from a human perspective), and yet did everything they could to get it started. Only now that they've achieved their nefarious goals are they admitting that it won't end well, although these creatures are secretly satisfied with its progress. But this is just another example of how Gingrich, like Bill Kristol and David Brooks, tries to pretend that he bears no responsibility for this monstrous debacle. The all fit the description of psychopaths and should never be allowed to have an input on public policy. I think we should parachute them into Iraq with a big "Neo-con" label affixed to their foreheads, and let them experience their "liberation."