Friday, July 16, 2010

Torture policy goes to the top

Tony Blair was aware of the existence of a secret interrogation policy which effectively led to British citizens, and others, being tortured during counter-terrorism investigations, the Guardian can reveal.

The article then goes on to describe how Blair gave permission for the military to turn a blind eye to "non-torture" while not explicitly condoning it. But note how the media always slyly implies that the motive was interrogation ("during COUNTER-TERRORISM INVESTIGATIONS"), despite the fact that it's been proven to be worse than useless for this purpose, and nobody in the military (which notifies its members of its interrogation policies) can reasonably claim to be motivated by a desire to obtain accurate information. However, those who use "non-torture" claim to know the "top-secret dirty truth" that it does work, but that the military, for various motives, pretends that it doesn't work. (Similarly, neo-cons and the Israeli Nazi party always claim to have unique ultra-ultra secret intelligence to explain their positions.)

In fact, the motive for "enhanced interrogation" is Satanism/SRA, and this claim is supported by certain passages from the founding document of Crowley's brand of Satanism (i.e. his "Aiwassian-revelation" front for Satanism): The Book of the Law, which uniquely (to my knowledge) reveals the true nature of Satanism, although not its true motive, which obviously must be kept secret from non-pod-people. They never had any interest in obtaining useful information, as any objective analysis of the reality of "enhanced interrogation" would show. Furthermore, in each case where they provided supposed evidence of its effectiveness, the claims were quickly discredited.