Sunday, July 4, 2010

"War on terror": Developing a future Hell on Earth

"Under this lies a fact never mentioned aloud, but tacitly understood and acted upon: namely, that the conditions of life in all three super-states are very much the same. In Oceania the prevailing philosophy is called Ingsoc, in Eurasia it is called Neo-Bolshevism, and in Eastasia it is called by a Chinese name usually translated as Death-Worship, but perhaps better rendered as Obliteration of the Self."
from 1984 by George Orwell
... Orwell was an intelligence operative for the Anglo-American CIA-SIS services. This employment brought him into privileged association with other operatives directly connected with the London Tavistock Institute. Several of these latter persons known to have served with Orwell were directly involved in developing key fascist sociological and psychological schemes, which had already been adopted off the Tavistock drawing boards by the late 1940s. His novel directly reflects such insider's information.

I think I made this point before, but it occurred to me in the course of my recent focus on the "war on terror." In the section of my website on black magic, I present what I call the Eighth Sphere agenda, the goal of which is to drive the human spirit out of the world, and to destroy mankind, forever. Satan's part in this is to create a civilization which is so oppressive that the human spirit will seek to avoid reincarnating and instead flee into a world of fantasy created by the forces of evil (and as I recall ruled by Lucifer), known as the Eighth Sphere, symbolized by the grandfather clock (set to precisely 8:00) in Skull & Bones' "class photos." They've tried it before, and failed, but there's no guarantee that they won't succeed this time.

I'm fairly certain that Guantanamo is a laboratory for research into the human psyche with this goal in mind (creating abject hopelessness seems to be the general idea), and that the "war on terror" zone is being used to experiment in applying these findings on a massive scale. Just today I read how the Iraqis still have only two hours of electricity a day, in the middle of a scorching Iraqi summer, which is no doubt a hellacious experience.

If this is true, then this puts Obama's "war on terror" policies in a new and more evil light, and it might explain why they seem calculated to destroy hope.