Sunday, July 4, 2010

The "war on terror" revisited

Every once in a while I get the urge to peel back the layers of disinformation surrounding the real "war on terror" to see how its actual Satanic agenda is being disguised at the time. This time around I didn't find much evidence of the unspeakable "sectarian violence" which was rampant during the early stages of the war on Iraq. However, there was a report that the Taliban, supposedly, had beheaded 11 people, and the rest of this sort of thing might just be hidden better than it was previously. If the Taliban were behind these atrocities, it seems to me to be an admission that the only way they can get support is through terror.

I did find reports that "enhanced interrogation" continues, but on a smaller scale and hidden better, which is what I would expect now that the backlog of Satanists waiting for such an opportunity has been worked off, and we've got a better liar posing as President:
Only about 200 military and civilian personnel were aware of Copper Green's existence before it was disclosed by the New Yorker's Seymour Hersh. The CIA's program, known internally by the acronym "GST," has been discontinued. Although "Copper Green" was disbanded, THE DEFENSE DEPARTMENT'S DETAINEE AFFAIRS SECTION HAS SET UP A NEW SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM UNDER WHICH THE RULES FOR BATTLEFIELD INTERROGATIONS ARE ESTABLISHED. IT IS CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET.

I assume that this means that the more advanced SRA takes place in transitory settings where the bodies of the victims can be blown up or incinerated to hide the evidence.

Another interesting angle on "enhanced interrogation" is that Physicians for Human Rights has recently released a report on the involvement of physicians in monitoring those being subjected to it. In other words, our government has been trying to determine how much "non-torture" a person can take before dying or suffering permanent damage, although such abuse certainly causes permanent psychological damage. How can it not? Here you have the most powerful country in the world (although rapidly destroying itself) subjecting typically innocent people to long-term suffering so intense that they must be monitored by physicians to ensure that they don't die or suffer permanent damage, in the name of accomplishing something for which such techniques have been proven worse than useless. (The only "evidence" that it works is the mere assertion that it does, made by frequent liars such as Cheney,perhaps referring to its actual purpose.) So the victims would have to lose any sense of security.

Meanwhile, the war which such "interrogations" were supposed to shorten rages on. It seems that those who dubbed it the "long war" almost from the start were more prescient than either Cheney or Rumsfeld, who were supposedly certain that it would be over quickly, especially with the help of the "enhanced interrogation" they so ardently advocated.

But, since "enhanced interrogation," a form of SRA, is actually one of the fundmental purposes of the war, it was in fact never intended to shorten it, but in fact to drag it out by fanning the flames of conflict, thus providing more opportunities for SRA. The intended victims are the innocents, including the native populations and the good guys in the US military, who want to do the right thing but are being misled by their lying leaders. Real American leaders would stop this "war" immediately and try to compensate for the damage done by British agents Bush, Cheny, Obama, etc. by taking the British Empire off life support and embarking on a global economic recovery in cooperation with the major sovereign powers.