Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wikileaks exposes itself as Establishment outlet

Multiple intelligence reports on the whereabouts of the al-Qaeda leader are contained among the documents.

They disclose publicly for the first time that bin Laden is thought to be personally overseeing the work of suicide bombers and the makers of Taliban roadside bombs which have had a devastating effect on British and US troops.

So why aren't there any recent videos of Bin Laden? Are we to believe that he's gotten plastic surgery, including having his legs shortened, and that he doesn't want anyone to know what he looks like?

Is the claim that he's still at large supposed to renew our dedication to the "war on terror?" If anything, I would think that it would make us realize that it's not working. But the Establishment, in their bottomless cynicism, assumes that we're so stupid that they can wave the real-world version of Goldstein in front of our faces and make us go so insane with hatred of this supposed font of all evil that we'll demand that our government send all nursing home patients to concentration camps to finance the "war."

Besides, I think we've proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that Bin Laden and his little band of "Islamic terrorists" couldn't possibly have pulled off 9/11, and that the WTC didn't collapse from the plane impact or fire, but from demolition charges planted by an Anglo-American-Israeli black-ops team of "prophecy fulfillers."