Monday, July 26, 2010

Wikileaks has nothing on Executive Intelligence Review

If you think the Wikileaks "revelations" don't have the Establishment's seal of approval, you aren't cynical enough yet, and probably still wet behind the ears when it comes to "conspiracy theories." Try to find a single reference to any works by the LaRouche movement in the "open" NY Times or Guardian, if you have a lot of time to kill. Why is it that LaRouche is so consistently ignored by the Establishment? Could it be because he's the only one with the brains and the guts to expose it?

For example, the Wikileaks "revelations" claim that the ISI supports the Taliban, but this is an old "limited hangout" (i.e. an admission of part of the ugly truth intended to give the impression that it's everything). The complete truth is that ultimately, the British created the Taliban and run it through their Pakistani and Saudi proxies. For example, see Look Who Created the Taliban: Saudi Arabia and the Brits and British Kill Afghan Journalist Who Exposed Their Double Game in Afghanistan, the latter of which reports the use of British helicopters to move Taliban forces around Afghanistan.

At the very outset of the "war" in Afghanistan, the US military, as the "dumb giant" of the British, protected the Taliban in a secret operation which has become known as Operation Airlift of Evil, references to which can be found in abundance on the internet. So, trying to pin the blame entirely on the ISI plays right into the hands of the British.

Remember - if it's in the mainstream media (and don't be fooled - the Wikileaks "revelations" ARE in the MSM if only by reference), it's been approved by the oligarchy either because it either advances their agenda or doesn't set it back. Any candidate who appears on a mainstream TV show is an Establishment whore whose economic "solutions" always come down to cutting taxes or government expenditures. Not one of them EVER refers to the American System, which is what made this country great even though it has never been fully implemented. If it were, there would be an economic boom practically overnight.