Friday, July 30, 2010

Wikileaks scandal doesn't pass the smell test

The US military hasn't managed to keep so much information so secret for so long without having ways to prevent it from getting out despite the efforts of individuals with access to it. So how did so much supposedly sensitive information end up in the public domain? It seems to me that it wasn't a result of a single individual deciding to release it because his conscience bothered him. Is this intended to provide an excuse to impose content controls on the internet? Is it an attempt to turn Cheney's disaster into a catastrophe, and destroy the US military? In any case, we should go with the LaRouche plan: destroy the sanctimonious Taliban's source of income (opium) and get the hell out of Dodge. (This would also deal a blow to the British Empire, which largely consists of drug profits.) We could then try to compensate for all the damage we've done by adopting the LaRouche plan for physical economic recovery, which would provide productive, well-paying jobs for everyone.