Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another crack pusher joins Fannie Frank in assailing Waters

Well-placed intelligence sources in Washington have pointed to a bitter conflict between Porter Goss, head of the unconstitutional Office of Congressional Ethics, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, that goes back to 1997-1999, when Goss blocked the efforts of Waters and others to expose the Bush family/Iran Contra cocaine trafficking....
In late 1998, Part II of the CIA IG's report finally came out, with extensive evidence of knowledge by high-level officials in the CIA and the White House in 1984-86 of the cocaine trafficking allegations. Referring to the new disclosures in the IG report, Waters wrote a letter to Goss demanding, and imploring him to conduct an investigation.
... Representative Waters' letter was completely ignored.... [W]hen the follow-up Congressional probe that Goss had promised a year earlier was held, in May, 1999 ... Goss held ... closed, secret hearings ... [and] Goss did not even allow Waters, one of Congress's most knowledgeable members on the matter, to sit in on the hearings.

Goss is just one of the links between Adolf Obama and Newtzie Gingrich. I find it interesting that Goss should surface at the same time that Gingrich is hinting that he might run for President in 2012. Lately, Gingrich been a critic of the "war on terror," but he was one of those who lied us into it, and you can't convince me that he didn't know that it would turn into another Vietnam.