Monday, August 9, 2010

Antivir Solutions malware: cyber-SRA from London

As have many others, my computer became infected with malware that prevented me from using it EXCEPT to download Antivir Solutions' "antivirus" program. It just happened to strike on the new Moon (today) at 9:24 (9:6) a.m. PST. Fortunately, the other accounts on my computer hadn't been infected, and I was able to find the real solution by getting on the internet through one of them. (I used the approach that involved booting in Windows safe mode [hold F8 key while booting], disabling the use of proxy servers [which the malware had altered], and downloading and running SuperAntiSpyware.) Clearly, any company that would use such a "sales gimmick" is beneath contempt. The first few times I tried to find the company's website, I was unable to do so, but after a few more times, I did find it: Avira. In the course of my search, I found it's located in London, and its list of happy clients , which can be found here includes quite a list of oligarchical holdings.