Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Apocalypse"-mongers behind "Bin Laden" videos exposed

A recent article on whether Bin Laden is still breathing traces those Bin Laden videos to a "privatized" outpost of Israeli intelligence, and points out that the logos of the supposed Al Qaeda creators and the aforementioned Mossad front WERE ADDED AT THE SAME TIME! Another interesting aspect is that it reveals that one of Bin Laden's propagandists is the son of a one-time member of the ADL, a "Jewish" "Apocalypse"-mongering group, or in other words, a "Jewish" division of organized Satanism, just like the Israeli Nazi party, of which the ADL is considered by some to be an offshoot.

So, here we have what I claim are Satanists posing as Jews, and then further posing as Islamic radicals, manipulating the "war on terror" to keep it going. This might be what's behind the recent supposed Taliban-instigated stoning-executions of a couple, for adultery - as if adultery is a significant problem compared to everything else that's going on in Afghanistan. (I've always smelled a Satanic rat behind these barbaric provocations.) Obviously, this supposed incident was a provocation intended to get us all revved up for continuing the war in Afghanistan, but without touching a single poppy plant if avoidable, because that might actually put an end to this Satanic ritual whose victims include the vast majority of the American military and their country.