Friday, August 27, 2010

Disgusting example of "free trade"

Coincidentally, in 1983, the British-based World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), headed by Prince Philip, which often provides the staging grounds for operations of MI6 and other British intelligence outfits, suggested that two national parks be created in Pakistan's Northwest, and although rather thin in natural wildlife, the preserves have proved to be excellent for growing poppy, and for training and staging mujahideen incursions into Afghanistan.
In 2009, the Obama Administration re-activated a 20-year dormant project, spawned by the World Wildlife Foundation, to impose an international nature preserve on the Bering Strait, to deter any infrastructure development on this key link in the world land-bridge. Moves are continuing this Summer, towards a "Beringian Heritage" lock-up of land and resources, and impoverishment of local people, to directly serve the geopolitical interests of London finance behind the environmentalist game. The area under discussion involves millions of hectares of coastal Alaska and Chukotka, on the Chukchi and Bering Seas.
This locale is exactly the region through which the development corridors will go, of the Bering Strait Tunnel, linking Asia and the Americas, in conjunction with the North American Water and Power Alliance program (NAWAPA)

What exactly does Obama have to do to prove that he's a craven British lackey, and thus deserving of impeachment? Hoist the Union Jack over the White House? Wear Union Jack underwear?

British Petroleum recently demonstrated how much the British Empire really cares about protecting nature. If BP cares as much as their ad campaign claims it does, it would have done everything possible to prevent the Gulf Gusher. But instead, it took every possible risk, supposedly to save a measly few million bucks, which combined with the stage of the British war on the American economy, is why I believe the "accident" was deliberate. (What's a few "negligent" homicides when you're out to destroy civilization, when the US government will protect you from actually being held responsible in this world, and you have no soul?) It seems like every day we learn of another dire consequence of that preventable catastrophe, along with more bad news about the economy. I don't doubt that BP will soon tell us that it can't afford to cover the cost of the cleanup, and that Obama will immediately go into high gear to protect it from any responsibility in the future. Naturally, he'll have the best scripts money can buy to manipulate us into going along.