Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eduardo Valseca case revisited

Dateline NBC re-ran their episode regarding the Eduardo Valseca case, from last March, on 8/27/10. Thusly reminded, I took another look at my original blog entry on the case. Since then, a transcript of that episode, entitled The Desperate Hours, has become available. I also should have included a link to my SRA node-page
to make it easier for people to understand my assertion that Mr. Valseca wasn't just kidnapped, but subjected to advanced Satanism/SRA which probably would have reduced him to a permanent basket case, if he didn't have his memories of his family to keep him sane. I also suspect that those who suddenly decided to help with the ransom were part of the plot, and that their contributions were intended to "explain" Mr. Valseca's release, since he was supposedly merely kidnapped for ransom. If so, they would not have actually suffered a net, long-term financial loss.

The violence wracking Mexico, I suspect, is due to the economic collapse, and organized Satanism's desire to better position itself for what they expect to be a cold dark age in the near future. This theory would explain why the Valsecas were driven out of Mexico, allowing their ranch to be essentially stolen.

Note that the government did essentially NOTHING to protect them, and actually ENCOURAGED THEM TO LEAVE. In fact, it was probably working with the kidnappers from Hell, who by the time they embarked on their program of sadism were probably already possessed, in the typical initial form of possession cultivated in Satanism's outermost circles, which take the form of sex orgies designed to cultivate loveless abandon to one's lower urges, as in Hellfire clubs.