Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Financial Times: America's main product is high housing prices

The British Empire's messengers continue to bark out orders to their Obama administration in Washington, that he has to hyperinflate the financial system like there is no tomorrow. After all, it worked really well for Weimar Germany, didn't it?

On the day of the Washington confab on "The Future of Housing Finance", chaired by Treasury Secretary Geithner and HUD Secretary Donovan, the Financial Times editorialized that the U.S. housing bubble must not be allowed to pop, and that in fact a brand new one should be built on top of the old one. It is "politically and economically imperative to keep house prices high and rising," they intoned, since "the U.S. is still not in a position to bear a tidal wave of foreclosures... Cramming down mortgage assets would pull the rug away from under a barely recovering banking system."
In a private discussion, an economist at one of Germany's regional Landesbanken confirmed that there is much discussion in financial circles about another U.S. government mega-bailout in the works, in the range of $2.5-3 trillion dollars....

"Politically and economically imperative to keep house prices high and rising?" Such pathetic tripe is what passes for mainstream economics these days. They don't intend to save their castle of cards, which cannot be saved, but to destroy civilization and rule over the ashes. It's time for these throwbacks to previous evolutionary epochs, who consider themselves to be the "master race," and whose current master is Satan (whether they know it or not), to dry up and blow away, along with their cards, chips, crowns, robes, sceptres, knights and dungeons.