Sunday, August 29, 2010

Notice of attempt to censor The Campaigner Unbound (The Campaigner magazine) website

0 Catch (Zero Catch) web hosting, which I have been using for my Campaigner Unbound website, has evidently chosen to censor the site by giving the impression that it is infected with malware. They evidently consider The Campaigner magazine to BE "malware," i.e. subversive to their agenda. I previously detected a hint of a Zionist agenda, when the link to an article entitled "Jews with Hot Money" (a reference to the Israeli mafia which among other things cranks out Ecstasy, a "recreational" drug that makes you feel good for a few hours and dumb for the rest of your life) disappeared from the home page.

The fact is that web hosting services and ISPs run professional-grade anti-malware programs to protect their servers, and I use FREE "anti-malware" software in hopes of protecting my computer. So it's absurd to believe that my software can detect malware that their professional-grade software can't find and remove from their system.

If you attempt to visit the Campaigner Unbound website or follow any of the links on its home page, and your receive a malware alert, try backing up and re-accessing the site or page.


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