Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama's masters behind Pakistan disaster

While Pakistan has dozens of projects in the planning stage, very little money has been allotted to water management. Moreover, the lack of political will has left these projects sitting on the drawing board. In addition, the British-inflicted ethnic rivalry, which dominates the socio-economic discussions in Pakistan, and prevents integrated nationwide projects to take shape, is also a major impediment. For instance, the Kalabagh Dam, designed in 1984, did not see the light of the day. The dam, to be located at the junction of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab on the Indus, would store water inside Punjab. Sindh did not allow this project to go through because the Sindhis complain that Sindh will be further starved of water and the Punjabi agriculturists will benefit from the use of additional stored water.

Are we supposed to believe that nobody foresaw the vast destruction which has been wreaked upon Pakistan? In fact, it appears that someone DID foresee it - Pakistan's former British masters, who have fomented the ethnic rivalries which evidently prevented the Kalabagh Dam, which some say would have prevented the disaster, from being built. This disaster was no doubt a cause for much celebration at Buckingham Palace, where the Great Poodle's heart lies on Her Majesty's lap. Even his own cabinet is getting alarmed at his utter disconnect from reality.