Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Operation New Dawn of Enduring Satanism in Iraq

Iraqis say a post-election political deadlock has given free rein to terrorists, but no one knows who they are or how they choose their victims.
But like other killings and assassinations in a wave of violence that has crept up on Iraq during an unnerving political stalemate, no one really knows who the "bad men" are. [So much for investigative reporting in "liberated" Iraq.]
But as the U.S. ends combat operations in the country and politicians seem unable to break a deadlock over forming a new government nearly six months after national elections, every attack rattles the general population and fans the panic that the "bad men," the "terrorists," are back.

Dozens of security officers, ministry officials, judges and clerics have been killed or wounded this year. From March through the end of June, at least 354 people across Iraq died from explosives planted on their cars.
Each killing and ambush resonates, spreading panic and destroying people's faith that the future will be better.

Here's your answer. There IS a government in Iraq - it's a "black op" known as organized Satanism, and this "mysterious" terrorism is also a black op, so don't expect investigative reporters in "liberated" Iraq to ever get to the bottom of it and survive. The pretense of political chaos is just a way to "explain" the deliberate chaos being caused by the real government.