Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pakistan disaster: Price of Nikes might increase, millions might die

Who cares about the people of Pakistan? After all, the goal of "free trade" is low prices for certain things for the short term (until civilization is destroyed), and a complete absence of other things such as fusion reactors and maglev trains - not providing people with a decent standard of living over the long term.

Meanwhile, the US is secretly guarding Pakistan's nukes so that only the approved terrorists get them, to be "explained" as a result of the chaos ("freedom") gripping the country now and for the foreseeable future, since the country was a "competitive" haven for terrorists and sweatshops, with nothing being "wasted" on infrastructure - the British idea of an ideal colony posing as a nation. Now in one fell swoop it's all gone, so "the market" will just have to descend on some other "competitive" hell-hole for cheap labor. Maybe they can provide new tarps for Haitians to use as homes, and get back to cranking out Nikes and paying the workers $20 for an 80-hour week.