Thursday, August 12, 2010

Serial killer, or Obama's outsourced outpatient care?

Law-enforcement and intelligence officials contacted by Declassified said that whoever the suspect turns out to be, they don’t believe that any connection will be found to terrorism, and that the bizarre nature of the alleged crimes bear no resemblance to the objectives or practices of any known terrorist group. Officials say their working theory is that the crimes were the product of some kind of serious mental illness.

Another possibility is that he's just an idiotic aspiring "wizard" who figured he could go off the Hogwarts reservation (i.e. outside organized Satanism's SRA-guidelines) and expedite his "magical powers" by skipping the introductory SRA and jumping right into murder. Maybe he figured that nobody would miss a few of what Aleister Crowley called the "low men" in that Congressionally-designated death zone known as Detroit. (Even in Israel, he might face charges for murdering Palestinians without being part of the IDF.) Then he moved on, perhaps figuring that the overburdened law-enforcement agencies wouldn't be able to track him and that he'd be able to escape to Israel.