Monday, August 2, 2010

So, we need "wars" and "bailouts," but not "useless eaters?"

How many of those who claim that cutting taxes is the solution to our economic woes also insist upon the US continuing to act as the world's "policeman" (i.e. civilization-destroyer), and that we knuckle under to Wall Street's demands to be "bailed out" for their "loss of value?" How many of them insist that the spending cuts fall on the necks of the "useless eaters," of which there continues to be more as the economy crumbles?

These are not pragmatic patriots, but cynical traitors or useful fools for the enemies of this country. They (or their "expert" advisers that feed them their talking points) claim that jobs will return when taxes are lowered, but this is just an excuse - the fact is that jobs could be created overnight by embarking on a program to produce the infrastructure this country needs. If the rest of the world did likewise, there would be no need to compete with each other for a few productive jobs (and no US-Mexico border crisis), since there would be plenty to go around.