Sunday, August 8, 2010

Taliban slaughter aid workers with help of opium profits

Under the so-called Obama/McChrystal plan for Afghanistan, American soldiers are being shipped off to fight against a Taliban insurgency that is wholly funded by the very opium trade that the U.S. has refused to shut down. By failing to conduct a serious war on drugs, along the lines of Lyndon LaRouche's own famous 1985 15-point plan, Obama is sending American soldiers to die, fighting an enemy that is an integral part of the British opium war apparatus, which Obama himself is a part of!

As reported below, in late February, Gen. Stanley McChrystal staged a press conference in the Helmand Province village of Marja, touting the recent "success" of American Marines, in driving the Taliban out of the area, as the first action under the "new" Obama counterinsurgency plan. The area around Marja produces 40% of the world opium supply, and American soldiers did nothing about that. The village of Marja, where McChrystal staged his public relations stunt, is known to be the largest concentration of heroin laboratories in the world. They all remained totally intact—after the U.S. military "success."

This is not incompetence. This is a top-down, willful policy of support for the Afghan opium business, which is an integral part of Britain's global offshore financial empire. That policy is coming from the Obama White House, from the President, and from the behavioral economists who have him surrounded.

It appears to me that the Taliban commit high-profile atrocities whenever the Obama administration's British masters want to get us revved up to keep fighting this insane "war." There is no plan to defeat them, as indicated by "Operation Airlift of Evil." Obama is protecting their source in income - the opium - and they are being provided with safe havens. (The Pakistani government pretends to be attacking them, but as is typical of this "war," they usually "miss" their ostensible target and kill civilians.)

For more meaningful insights into whatever is happening in Afghanistan, go to the LaRouche PAC website and search for "Taliban."

Obama must be impeached if this country is to survive much longer.