Monday, September 27, 2010

Aaifia Siddiqui convicted despite obvious PROOF of innocence!

There is nothing subtle about the evidence which proves that Aafia Siddiqui is innocent of the charges of attempted murder, etc., for which she was convicted and then sentenced partly on the ASSUMPTION that she is a terrorist! (See previous posts.) If the system doesn't correct itself, we might as well put the Constitution in a museum next to the dodo bird. The judge and all the lawyers should be subject to judicial review at the very least, and the prosecutors should be charged with prosecutorial misconduct. There is no room in a USA governed by the Constitution for such blatant disregard for truth and a defendant's rights. It was a disgusting mockery of justice, even worse than the LaRouche case because in this case, there is simple, direct proof of her innocence, and she has been through several life sentences already, if not a death sentence.

The US has stolen her life, and perhaps more than that, and she will never get it back. It has also destroyed her children's and family's lives, and apparently killed her baby. If there were any decent evidence that she is a terrorist, wouldn't it have been mentioned during her "trial?" So, the US destroyed the life of an intelligent and innocent mother of three children, and the cowardly "interrogators" who did it, who would never be found fighting a battle along with actual soldiers, but who routinely torture defenseless prisoners, are probably living high on the hog at taxpayer expense, attending parties in occupied Iraq where illegal drug use, nudity, and shooting automatic weapons at the homes of civilians is common. Such "parties," resembling frat parties on steroids, are actually Satanic "initiations" - precursors to SRA of a sort far beyond the "hazing" [>65>11, the number of Magick] rituals conducted by fraternities. To them, humanity is just a joke to be used for their own pleasure, including tortured and murdered when they get the urge. WE FOUGHT THIS "WAR" FOR SUCH CREATURES.

If AG Holder doesn't at least say something about it, his reputation will be destroyed, and what remains of the Obama administration's reputation along with it. Furthermore, Americans will know that they are no longer free, and that "their" government is evil and rotten to the core. It is not enough to allow Aafia Siddiqui to be repatriated, because her case has shown what can be done to any of us whom the government feels like calling a "terrorist." It also shows that our government goes out of its way to inflame hatred against this country, contributing to the deaths of Americans who put their lives on the line in "wars" caused by these soulless traitors, of which the Democratic incumbents are trying to buy the election, including by "coincidentally" having the BP payouts loosened up at this time.