Monday, September 6, 2010

And he thought we'd forget by now

In January 2008, by which time hundreds of state legislatures and city councils across the country had voted to demand HBPA from the Congress, Barney Frank gave a political talk at Goucher College in Maryland. When an LPAC representative raised the HBPA, Barney said it was "completely unconstitutional," and that he would "be acting to make sure that it is not put forward in the Congress." Barney said that the "right to foreclose" had Constitutional protection!
Some 7.5 million home foreclosures have "gone forward" since then, with Barney's protection.
During the course of Fall 2008, Frank drafted and got passed "mortgage modification" legislation in the House, his direct counter to the HPBA legislation he had kept out of the Congress. Early in the process, the Washington Post of July 29 exposed that the draft design for Barney's bill had been done at Credit Suisse bank. This legislation, whose name and conditions kept changing but was eventually, officially called the Help for Homeowners Act of 2008, was a complete — intentional? — failure.

Let's not mince words: the big BF is a child molester of epic proportions. Frank, as a real Queen's puppet, is an enemy agent whose treason consists of voting for legislation designed by oligarchical bankers, and spewing disgustingly pathetic excuses for doing so, such as the ones cited above, when confronted about his treason. In that regard, he's pretty much like most other members of Congress. However, his disguise is unique: he poses as a sensitive, "intelligent" (according to the media, although on what basis I can't imagine) and harmless openly gay Congressman, as if being open about his sexuality makes him incapable of lying. In fact, he is far from sensitive, harmless, or truthful, because his actions, "justified" with pathetic lies, are destroying the lives of nearly everyone on the planet, and he'd have to be an idiot to not know it.