Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bill Mahr: The "Israeli" settlers are OUR violent "nuts"

Comedian Bill Mahr was on Leno September 13th, and as usual he's funny even while insulting everyone. He said that although all religions are a bunch of ancient superstitions, we all have the same right to believe whatever we want, and to build churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. He also said that although each religion has its violent nuts, that Islam has more nuts, and they're more violent, than any other religion.

However, Mahr seems to have overlooked a particularly vile group of violent "nuts": the "Israeli" settlers, which are actually evil and use an extreme fundamentalist form of Judaism as an excuse for their crimes. They're not just violent in defense of a belief system which they believe is from God. It should be obvious to anyone that their pretense of good intentions is a sham, and that they're a violent gang which uses a perverted form of Judaism to conceal their evil motives. The Christian-Zionist axis of lunatic evil, whose fairy tale (which they intend to impose on reality) includes the destruction of civilization as a precondition for making things better, does everything it can to hide the hideous reality of the settlers from Americans (who might do something about it). So, the only people who really know them are the ones they attack (although a few years ago, some Palestinians started making video recordings of the setters, and the world learned that some of "God's chosen people" are extremely foul-mouthed and bellicose drunks). They are at the very root of the drive for the "Apocalypse." Without them, there would be no "Israeli"-Palestinian conflict. The worst members of the IDF, whose duties include committing war crimes against the Palestinians, come from the settlements.

EIR has done numerous in-depth analyses of the settler movement, and has traced their line of authority back to the British empire. However, since they are protected by the "Israeli" government, and the US government protects "Israel" (ostensibly for the good of Jews, but not really; we'd be better off if we just gave them a state, such as New York), we essentially protect the settlers. Our leaders complain about them for political show, but they're really untouchable. So, the "Israeli" settlers, the worst of the violent "nuts," are OUR violent "nuts," and their violence is actually coldly calculated SRA which is largely intended to provoke the "Apocalypse," and this time "bring it on" to mostly innocent Jews.