Friday, September 10, 2010

Court-santioned terrorism

The Ninth Circuit’s ruling yesterday [9/8/10] in the case of Binyam Mohamed vs. Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc. confirms two things: the U.S. government wields the omnipotent, unreviewable power to torture people and, two, that Barack Obama, despite his much ballyhooed pre-election campaign hype about “change,” is actually just serving George W. Bush’s third term in office.
The plaintiffs’ claims against Jeppesen arose out of the CIA’s infamous kidnapping and rendition program, in which the CIA kidnaps people and then transports them to brutal foreign regimes for the purpose of torture. According to the plaintiffs’ complaint, which the Court was required to accept as true for purposes of ruling on the defendant’s motion to dismiss, the victims were subjected to horrible medieval-like torture techniques....
The U.S. government intervened in the case, claiming that the suit should be dismissed based on the “state-secrets doctrine,” a pernicious doctrine that is found nowhere in the Constitution but which, the Court held, trumps the due process provisions of the Bill of Rights.
This case requires us to address the difficult balance the state secrets doctrine strikes between fundamental principles of our liberty, including justice, transparency, accountability and national security. Although as judges we strive to honor all of these principles, there are times when exceptional circumstances create an irreconcilable conflict between them. On those rare occasions, we are bound to follow the Supreme Court’s admonition that “even the most compelling necessity cannot overcome the claim of privilege if the court is ultimately satisfied that [state] secrets are at stake.” United States v. Reynolds, 345 U.S. 1, 11 (1953). After much deliberation, we reluctantly conclude this is such a case, and the plaintiffs’ action must be dismissed. Accordingly, we affirm the judgment of the district court.

This is a prime example of the banality of evil. What is this overarching state secret, if not organized Satanism? In reality, as Hornberger points out, there is no "state secrets" clause in the Constitution. It's just some bogus legalistic excuse for sweeping Satanism under the rug, which has been illegally made into a "law" by Satanists, their dupes and their minions acting as if it is a law. It emerged along with the "national security" state (British Intelligence takeover) that replaced the US government after WWII, which I'm beginning to think was largely intended to facilitate a British takeover of our government through the intelligence agencies. For more on this, see The Real CIA: The Rockefellers' Fascist Establishment. (If you get a malware alert while trying to access this site, back up and try again, and you'll find that it was a lie intended to scare people, and perhaps search engines, away from this information, which is available elsewhere, but in a less convenient form.)

Where is Mr. Change, our saviour from the Dick of Darkness? He's practicing his latest behaviorist script designed to distract us from reality while he sends the world to hell. He's not a President - he's just a henchman and a script-reader for Satan's British empire.

This also supports my claim that our "justice" system is run by organized Satanism. How could so many judges be so oblivious to the reality of our "interrogation" program? Anybody with the brains to be a judge should realize by now that there is an evil ulterior motive behind this program, which under Obama has just gone deeper underground, as I expected of this latest of Satan's President-puppets.

This, more than some "Christian minister" burning a few Korans, will serve to fan the flames of hatred against the US, because it comes from the government, not some religious extremist who wants us to believe that the name of the source of the teachings is all that matters, and not the content of the teachings. (I've had "Christians" tell me by their actions that they don't even have to pretend to care about anyone else, or about truth, because they've been "saved." Their religion consists of thanking "Jesus" for allowing them to be swine.)