Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creating "reality" by acting as if lies are truth (revised)

Whatever their mental state, their message must be taken seriously. To many Muslims, the belief that Islamists are being blamed for an atrocity carried out by Americans or Israelis fits into a larger theory that the West is oppressing Islam.

As I have written, firm opposition by New Yorkers to the Ground Zero mosque is another piece of "evidence" to believers. In short, anything and everything we say and do is proof Islam is under attack.

Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, identifies the wide acceptance of the victimization narrative as a major factor fueling terrorism. As he writes in his memoir, "A Journey," actual terrorists "are small in number, but their narrative . . . has a far bigger hold."

Blair's right, and he should know, since he's one of the few, and his British Empire controls the media that controls the "official" narrative and the levers of brute force - their final "argument." How is it that the BBC knew that WTC 7 was going to collapse, since they announced it before it occurred?

I don't see how any honest person with half a brain can look at the "war on terror" and conclude that we aren't persecuting Islam. But destroying Islam isn't the goal - the goal is to act out the British empire's interpretation of Revelation in order to destroy mankind in the guise of the fulfillment of prophecy, a.k.a. "promise keeping."

What should bother NY Post readers is that such blatant falsehoods can parade as informed opinion.

By the way, the article's title especially makes sense when "Islamic terrorism" is recognized as the myth behind the "war on terror."

The "civilized," "refined" British Empire can be seen plotting "strategic terror-bombing" OF CIVILIANS in The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War. Yet does the NY Post show us THAT? Of course not, since it's a sleazy imperial rag. During WWII, some munitions factories in Germany weren't bombed, even as civilians were (most famously in Dresden, which had no military significance - this incident has never been fully explained by the media because it doesn't fit into their virtual reality, which doesn't include Anglo-American mass terror, such as the needless, Satanic atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki). The same thing is going on in the reign of terror known as the War on Terror: horrific bombings of civilians by the Anglo-American SS, disguised as "Islamic terrorism." In once instance, a team of SAS bombers was found to be driving a truck full of explosives, disguised as Iraqis. In another case, a reporter who exposed the fact that the British were flying the Taliban around Afghanistan in helicopters was murdered while "escaping."