Friday, September 10, 2010

HDTV audio capable of direct-to-disc detail

A while back, I was watching a program designed to promote local musical talent, and the program was being broadcast over the air and over a high-def channel. During one segment of the program, I heard a level of detail in the cymbals which I've previously heard only on direct-to-disc analog recordings. It might even have been superior to the direct-to-disc recordings, but my current system is hardly audiophile-grade. (The HDTV tuner consists of a cheap Sansonic converter box, the analog outputs of which are connected to my inexpensive receiver.)

My point is that HDTV audio, and high-res digital in general, are capable of reproducing a very detailed, "liquid" high end, but that few people seem to be taking advantage of this capability, or I would have heard it previously. I doubt that the musician whose music was recorded so well has unique access to equipment capable of producing such recordings, and I'm trying to find out what equipment was used, assuming it's not a trade secret.