Sunday, September 5, 2010

Israel admits it's not really worried about Iranian nukes

Attacking his own government’s diplomatic efforts, FM says nation has suffered enough from the "adventures and experiments of irresponsible politicians."

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday fiercely attacked the diplomatic process with the Palestinians that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu began in Washington last week, telling Israel Beiteinu activists in the capital that a peace deal is “unachievable.”

In a lengthy address to more than a thousand supporters at the Rimonim (formerly Shalom) Hotel, Lieberman criticized previous governments and his own for not learning the lessons of 17 years of failed diplomatic negotiations.

Something like this was as predicable as the sunrise, because the "Apocalypse" is "Israel's" very reason for existence. All the diplomatic pretenses that anything else is possible without first implementing the LaRouche Plan are just for show. Bankrupt the British Empire, and peace will be possible.

While doing a little research on Avigdor Lieberman (who plays a role in the Israeli government similar to Cheney's role in the Bush administration - the de facto leader hiding behind a more acceptable figurehead), I ran across this gem in Anglo-Israeli "Doomsday" War Scheme Reported Imminent:
The source added that the preferred option [to invade Iran], being promoted by factions in the IDF, is to launch attacks from Israeli submarines, equipped with Cruise missiles. The source noted that the accuracy of the Cruise missiles, launched from Israeli submarines is unreliable, and most of the Iranian sites on the Israeli target list are in urban areas.
In other words, supposed Iranian nukes are just an excuse to invade Iran and unleash the next stage of the "Apocalypse." If Israel truly wanted to destroy Iran's supposed nuclear-weapons program, with minimal collateral damage, it would use more precise weapons. It would also be interesting to know what these urban sites really are, and whether Israel is just claiming that they have to be attacked in order to have an excuse to bomb civilians, just as the US has been doing as part of its reign of terror, which is also being run by the "Apocalypse"-mongering faction. Even if people in those countries didn't hate America before the "war," they do now.

This raises another interesting point I ran across a while back, which is that there have been reports of inmates at Gitmo being recruited by "Islamic radicals," which seems plausible. I suppose that a certain group of inmates are not being turned into furniture as was Jose Padilla (I have been unable to find any reports on his recent situation, curiously), but targeted for recruitment into the next wave of patsies to perhaps be blamed for something more horrible than 9/11, and blamed on hatred caused by the "war on terror!" Who could have predicted such an outcome? Certainly not Blair or Cheney!