Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jacob "Mammon" Rothschild gives us a lesson in "free trade climate change"

Climate change, Germany, 2010: Ve haf vays of making you go green!

A cluster of London-centered hedge funds and elite family fortunes, led by Inter-Alpha Group leader Jacob Rothschild himself, is funneling immense amounts of money into German anti-nuclear, pro-"renewable energy" groups, who are seeking to create a "Hot Autumn" of protests that would immediately end German use of nuclear energy.

The Rothschild role in funding this new upsurge, visible in the march of tens of thousands of Germans against nuclear energy in Berlin on Sept. 18, as well as mass protests against building of a high-speed rail station in Stuttgart, stems from the commitment of this British monarchy-linked financial nexus to destroy industrial progress, and thus, civilization itself.

What better example could there be to show how Synarchist bankers dictate our macroeconomic configuration? Also, note that suppressing nuclear power and rail transport exposes the Greenies as depopulators, not environmentalists, since these technologies are the ultimate in clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency.