Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Koran-burning highlights theme of "war on terror": bring it on THEM

Again and again, I keep pointing to the fact that for the most part, the culprits in the "war on terror" are not being held accountable for their crimes, and the expected Burn a Koran Day fits this pattern. It constitutes an insult by "Apocalypse"-mongers against Islam. In "response," I expect that their dance partners, i.e. "Islamic" terrorists, to attack innocent Americans, probably with an IED or a suicide-attack by some dupe, and not those who insulted them. Then, in response to that, Special Forces will assault innocent Afghans in the middle of the night, typically gunning them down for any excuse, or "disappearing" them into some dungeon where they are put through hell. So, considering that those who have been attacking innocent people rarely suffer any consequences, this "war" can go on forever, theoretically, with mankind crushed between "Apocalypse"-mongers who attack innocent people as proxies for each other.