Friday, September 17, 2010

The "legendary" banker-rat needs a new face

Synarchist banker Felix Rohatyn's front-man, Senator Dudd, who is largely responsible for the "financial reform" bill (which leaves derivatives largely untouched and the bailouts in place, of course), is working on a "National infrastructure bank," an evil parody of Alexander Hamilton's concept of a national bank, designed to allow financiers such as Rohatyn (who shut down the American machine-tool sector) to determine what infrastructure we can have, and how much and when. (This is the essence of "free trade.") Rohatyn himself just recently plugged his scheme, disguised as Obama's (as if Obama makes any move of significance on his own), in a transparent sales pitch in the Bull Street Journal. (Let me guess: none of that "fancy" fusion energy or maglev rail, because they're just too fancy for peasants such as us. And certainly no manned space exploration - it's embarrassing to our colonial masters and their toadies such as Bawney Fwank, who keep telling us that we're incapable of things like that.)

But as you can tell from the photo, Dudd no longer projects the part of the sexy silver-haired Senator which is so crucial to his ability to effectively commit treason for Felix the Rat and his ilk. So, he has to go, and since he's not going to have to put on a pretense of being re-elected, his controllers decided that it would be a good opportunity to use him up completely, by having him push the financial bill, the infrasructure-bank bill, etc., and to reward him with a cushy retirement in the midst of the civilizational collapse for which he worked so hard. Dudd's not worried about any ramifications for his afterlife, because he has it on good British ("adult") authority that there is none, and that religion is just for appearances.