Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Mideast peace talks": Must be elections coming

Somewhere in all the blather about this perennial election stunt, Obama said that we cannot impose a solution. We can impose "Israel" upon Palestine and let "Israel" eradicate Palestine, but for some strange reason we cannot tell "Israel" to behave itself. In other words, they want the conflict to continue, and the real purpose of these talks is to make Obama and the (desperate) incumbent Democrats look good without upsetting American Zionists and American Jews who equate Zionism with Judaism. If we cannot force "Israel" to treat the Palestinians fairly, then peace isn't possible.

Note that the "Israeli" invasion of Gaza, which was literally a matter of unleashing Satanists disguised as "Israeli" soldiers upon Gaza, took place "in between" administrations so that Bush could pretend not to have any responsibility for it, when actually it was an aspect of his and Cheney's Satanic reign of terror, a sort of parting shot.

There is a solution, however: pass Glass Steagal and adopt the LaRouche economic plan, thus destroying the British empire, which is the real power behind the Mideast conflicts and the vast majority of the treason here in the US.