Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama strings us along with a "newer deal"

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Monday is expected to call for a $50-billion surge in spending on the nation's roads, runways and railroads, his latest attempt to respond to the stubbornly sluggish economy in a political climate turning against his party.

The White House says the president will outline the plan Monday during a Labor Day speech before a union group in Milwaukee.

This is exactly what I mean by saying that the public Obama is diametrically opposed to the real Obama - in this case, without substance to support the rhetoric. Without the sweeping changes demanded by LaRouche, there will be no real economic recovery, and Obama knows this, or at least his British masters do. So, for political reasons, and to reduce the pressure to adopt the LaRouche Plan, he offers a pathetic parody of it ON LABOR DAY, THE BEGINNING OF THE POLITICAL SEASON (thus giving the impression that he's putting America back into a productive mode, and of course giving the Dems something to crow about, assuming they vote for it and the Republicans vote against it as wasteful, which it is to some extent), which he has no intention of fully implementing. It's ultimately just a way for him to buy time to let the economy collapse.