Friday, September 3, 2010

Obama's scripts based on behaviorists' big lies

The key to the whole case is through the looking glass. Black is white and white is black.
from JFK, the movie

When trying to understand Obama, you have to learn to separate his actions from his words, because they are diametrically opposite to each other. Behind the scenes, he's a British henchman. In public, he manipulates us by acting out scripts based on big lies, which are fed to him by a secret team of expert mass-manipulators who serve the British Empire. In essence, the public Obama is a character in the "news" media who has about as much connection to Obama the henchman as someone playing the part of the President in a TV drama.

His meeting with Mideast leaders, and his "economic boost" plans, are nothing but an act intended to string us along and keep the British Empire in the driver's seat, partly by placating those with the power to impeach him. If nothing is done, civilization will collapse, so all Obama has to give the impression that he's doing something, in order to string us along.

So, he acts out his scripts, and on vacation, he disappears, as if he's nothing without his scripts, because he in fact IS nothing without his orders from London and his scripts from his secret team of expert manipulators, but a puppet that we were manipulated into putting into office.