Friday, September 24, 2010

One belief Satan wants us to have

In a previous post, I stated that Satan doesn't care what we believe as long as we do what he wants. Well, that wasn't entirely correct, because there is one belief required to do what he wants us to do, and that is the belief that there will be no price to pay for inflicting cruelty on others.

Satanism begins by cultivating an abandonment to our lowest impulses, such as sex and anger. For attractive libertines, there are orgies, and the unattractive or those with sexual morality are encouraged not to withhold their negative emotions. This is intended to cultivate a form of possession which facilitates the descent into SRA by heightening the sense of contempt for humans. Still, I imagine it helps to believe that there are no consequences for our actions in the next world, or that there is no spiritual world. However, there are various beliefs which can lead to this conclusion, so that this basic idea, that actions don't matter, can be made acceptable to more people.