Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Poodle Peddles Heroin

Even the latest public revelations from the Bob Woodward book, appearing on the front page of Monday's Washington Post and other newspapers around the country, made clear: Obama fought against Defense Secretary Gates, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mullen, and CENTCOM Commander Petraeus on the Afghan policy. He refused to take on the London-backed opium and heroin trade.
Russia's top anti-narcotics official, Victor Ivanov, delivered a stunning account last Friday of the massive flows of opium and heroin, through Central Asia into Russia and then on to Europe. Russia is getting zero cooperation from Obama, in combating the dope flows....

Nationwide, heroin has undergone a resurgence as a new generation of adolescents comes of age without memory of the celebrity heroin deaths that quelled the drug's popularity in the mid-1990s.
High school students can now buy enough heroin to get high for hours for the price of a McDonald's Happy Meal.

It seems that cheap heroin is an essential ingredient in Obama's "recovery."