Sunday, September 19, 2010

A purely evil agenda of the "war on terror"

Rev A: clarified paras. 1 &2

Instead of writing a new entry each time I feel compelled to explain my perspective on the terrorism taking place in the "war on terror" zone, such as in the wake of the September 19th bombing spree in Baghdad, I decided to write it once and assign a category to it. In a nutshell, I contend that it's committed by organized Satanism through various front-men, who almost always attack innocent people as proxies for each other, for purposes of the Eighth Sphere agenda, which is symbolized by Skull & Bones "class photos."

My perspective on the origin and purpose of the terrorism taking place in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (such as car bombs, suicide bombings, the various "mistakes" being made by the US military, etc.) is largely the result of transcribing The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War, which I figure is so long that few people will take the time to read it. Because I considered portions of it to be crucial to understanding current events, I decided to create a condensed version consisting of excerpts. (Read this previous post on an attempt to censor the site.) If you want to read the entire article, it can be found here.

The connection didn't occur to me immediately after transcribing the article. One of the reasons I began to suspect a connection is the "rhythm" of the terrorism, the fact that it didn't seem to be affected by reported military successes against the supposed culprits (much US military action, typically that originating with Special Forces, was actually part of the terrorism), and the fact that in most cases, guilt is assigned almost immediately, and no investigation is ever performed, or at least completed.

As far as the people of Iraq are concerned, it doesn't matter who is responsible, since even if they realized that the actual culprit is organized Satanism in the form of a few layers of British puppets (as described in the Anglo-American SS article), there's nothing they can do about it, realistically. Those who tried to do something about it are dead or in some hell-hole, being driven insane or killed, a.k.a. "liberated." After observing the pattern for a while, I became convinced that the concept of "strategic bombing" OF CIVILIANS, described in the Anglo-American SS article, fit the pattern of the various forms of terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The "war on terror" is in fact a reign of terror being run by Satan's British empire against mankind.