Thursday, September 16, 2010

Record poverty? So what - that was last year, and we're in a recovery (in case you hadn't noticed)

As I wrote a while back, Obama is essentially a character in the media, whose scripts are designed to mesh with the rest of the virtual reality fed to us daily - one in which LaRouche and his organization don't exist, but the Tea Party's unremarkable candidates do. Right now, it seems to me that the general theme of Obama's scripts is to string us along while civilization collapses. A good example is his recent claim, which I gather was an extemporaneous comment based on this theme, that we don't need that new-fangled fusion energy because all we have to do is to insulate our homes better (see previous post). Another example is his scripted response to the poverty report released today, which of course fits right in with the scripts read by all of the other "bona fide" commentators on the economy:
"Because of the recovery act and many other programs providing tax relief and income support to a majority of working families - and especially those most in need - millions of Americans were kept out of poverty last year," Obama said in a statement.

The article contains comments by economists which all support the article's theme a) that the poverty report reflects the depths of the "Great Recession"; b) that the "recovery act" (i.e. pretense of a recovery) prevented the situation from being worse; and c) that things are slowly getting better. However, the writers had to work hard to create that impression without blatantly lying.

If sounds to me like the spin-meisters, including Obama's scriptwriters, aren't going to be able to string us along much longer, which is why I'm afraid that it's about time to start a global nuclear war to "explain" the next batch of bad news, and of course to "fulfill prophecy."