Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A sickening implication of terrorism as the occupation's dark side

In previous entries, one entitled "A purely evil agenda of the 'war on terror'," and another entitled Obama's recovery in Iraq, I lay out my Orwellian perspective of the occupation and government of Iraq, i.e. that the horrific acts of terrorism which have taken place there since the invasion are part and parcel of the occupation and government, and not, as most people assume, attempts to end the occupation and overthrow the government.

This implies that the attacks which prevented the development of infrastructure, as the financial crisis is now having the same effect, were essentially perpetrated by "our" own government against the projects which it was ostensibly trying to complete. This also required much greater expenditures on security for the projects. The hell which our government has handed over to Iraqis is a monstrous joke.