Sunday, September 26, 2010

Siddiqui trial: Lawyers failed to explain crucial evidence to jury

Although Siddiqui's testimony was the central focus of the day, there was another major development related to the physical evidence in the case when THE DEFENSE PLAYED A SHORT VIDEO CLIP for jurors. The clip came from a press conference that had taken place in same room as the shooting, BUT A FEW HOURS PRIOR TO THE INCIDENT, AND CLEARLY SHOWED TWO MARKS ON A WALL that the prosecution has been claiming were the result of the M-4 automatic rifle Siddiqui is alleged to have fired at the U.S. team. (The marks in the video were reportedly brought to the attention of Siddiqui's defense attorneys on Thursday morning by the prosecutors, who had themselves only noticed them the night before.) THE CLIP WAS PLAYED WITHOUT COMMENT and it's unclear if jurors understood why they were watching it, but defense attorneys are expected to assert in their closing arguments that it proves the holes could not have been the result of bullets shot by Siddiqui.

This seems like a slam-dunk case for a retrial, with new attorneys and a new judge. There could be no better evidence of her innocence, and yet her attorneys played it without commenting on it?! This is absolutely appalling, and suggests that they sabotaged her defense. The fact that the jury didn't ask about the significance of the video, and that they convicted her despite all of the other evidence that the prosecution's case was riddled with holes, also stinks.