Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Thrill kill" incident and the banality of evil

(NEWSER) – Soldiers charged with murdering Afghan civilians for kicks are blaming a "crazy" sergeant that the parents of one said they warned the Army about.
The Winfields say they CONTACTED SIX ARMY OFFICES AND THEIR US SENATOR, but nothing was apparently done about Gibbs." I said my son is in Afghanistan. There's a rogue sergeant out there apparently killing innocent victims," recounted Winfield's father, Christopher. HE SAID ONE SERGEANT TOLD HIM IT'S A "HE SAID" SITUATION AND THAT NOTHING COULD BE DONE.

In response to the news from his son, Winfield called the Army inspector general's 24-hour hotline, the office of Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.)....

What you have here is probably a Satanist trying to force his subordinates to take part in activity which constitutes Satanism, but without all the "magical" mumbo-jumbo typically used to disguise it as "wizardry." [1] The banal responses or lack of response from those with the authority to do something about is just goes to show how thoroughly organized Satanism pervades our government and the military. For example, the FBI actively covers up Satanism by looking in all the wrong places and declaring it to be nonexistent, and turning a blind eye to actual Satanism. I once let a policeman listen to recordings of noises produced at night by the vicious old witch next door, and after listening to a couple of the many recordings, he declared the noises to be "typical night-time noises." (Another example of the banality of evil.) His sidekick suggested that I needed psychiatric medications to "balance" my "brain chemicals." (It is typical of organized Satanism to declare those who recognize them to be insane.) When I left notes on mailboxes to let people know who was causing the disturbances, they threatened to arrest me. It's nice to know that they've got their priorities straight, that we're safe from litter on mail boxes and that Satanists are safe from exposure.

[1] The only actual "occult" ability of such "wizards" is astral projection, which actually isn't "occult," i.e. secret, although they have tried to reserve it for themselves. They typically use it to know when someone is sleeping, by being able to perceive the separation of the astral body from the etheric body, which takes place when we sleep. (The Blair Witch Project, which was a product of organized Satanism, alludes to this ability - note that the witch seems to have an uncanny ability to know when the main characters are sleeping.) When they find that someone is sleeping, they wake them up, sometimes by bashing the ground with tremendous force, while trying not to cause any noise, causing a shockwave that penetrates through everything, and the victim is jolted awake and never knows why. Anyone who thinks they can get away with this because they can hide it from humans is in for a shock when they're presented with the bill for their "fun" by the Guardian of the Threshold (the "pearly gates").

I suspect that a lot of "insomnia" is actually caused by this form of SRA, which is one of the most common forms because it's so slimy and destructive. It is very difficult to defend against this, although it is possible by using a very low-resonant-frequency (1-2 Hz) bed suspension and eliminating higher-frequency resonances. (But then, they'll realize that ground-shocks are no longer effective, and will try another approach such as producing low-frequency acoustic shockwaves which can be stopped only with massive nonresonant barriers.) The main reason this remains hidden is that so few people believe that anyone can be so low, and this is a point of pride among Satanists. (LaRouche calls this "the Beast-man syndrome.") To them, perpetrating subhuman acts without being caught (because most people assume that nobody would stoop so low) is the mark of a superhuman. Who can question such superhuman logic?