Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What kind of an idiot votes for Bawney Fwank?

Probably the kind of an idiot that does whatever his coven leader tells him to do. Organized Satanism leaves nothing to chance, and Bawney's their "man." I once registered in plenty of time to vote for LaRouche in a primary, then cast my vote, and then was told that my vote was disqualified because I had registered too late - they might as well have told me that I was disqualified because I had voted for LaRouche. I know for a fact that they get their politically-oriented "opinions" (such as "LaRouche - isn't he a socialist?") from their higher-ups, typically via emails disguised as some smart guy's opinion, which they adopt as their own. They also circulate the email far and wide and interject "their opinion" whenever possible to convert it into popular belief through sheer repetition. Still, the vast majority of Bostonians now know the real issues thanks to Rachel Brown's campaign, and whoever wins the election is going to be under a lot of pressure.