Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Despite recent and likely future airport chaos, the arbiters of our consensus reality refuse to acknowledge maglev

The nightmare continued Tuesday for travelers trying to fly to or from the Northeast. Airports opened but there were plenty of delays, even more lines and fears that delays could stretch on for days.

Even passengers whose flights got through amid the weekend's ferocious snowstorm suffered, with some international travelers to New York spending hours on the tarmac waiting to disembark.

Several fliers described the situation at various airports as chaos, with passengers jockeying for any available seat on a plane or even to rest at the gates.
Second, because maglev travel is independent of weather and can be reliably and precisely scheduled, delays and congestion will be virtually eliminated.

This is probably pretty much how the narration of the end of civilization will go: simply reporting the chaos, and the "explanations" from the "right" people, who of course will provide no real solutions, although they've existed for decades.